Our Projects

Our Creative Work

The following dna projects showcase the full-spectrum of communication and most of our (creative, advertising and integrated) services, providing relevant examples / case studies of Μarketing, Advertising, Communication, Public Relations and Publicity, in:

  • Corporate and product branding for companies and organizations
  • Advertising campaigns in all media (tv, radio, press, magazines, outdoor, internet)
  • Integrated Communication campaigns (offline/online media, A/V, promotional activities, Direct mkt, PR)
  • Ad hoc plans and actions on the framework of national and European programs
  • Productions, sponsoring & publications (scripts, leaflets, spots, multimedia dvds, videos, etc)

The dna compnay has implemented programs of holistic marketing approach in conferences, partenariats, events, presentations, open days, business match making, meetings, workshops, and other types of services.
The above programs were applied to enteprises, the public sector, organizations and unions in Greece and abroad.
Also to intermediary clients (advertising and trade companies' account assignments), and Greek as well as multinational companies.


The dna company has organized significant business, technical, scientific, academic, exports, b2b conferences, partenariats, events, meetings and corporate events with high-quality standards.

Analysis, design and implementation of a global range of activities and events:

  • Ad Hoc Working Group Summit 'Climate Change', UNFCCC, Greek Presidency – Bonn 2014
  • Norsafe Academy Lavrion (2014)
  • National Technical University of Athens «45 Years SNMM» (2014)
  • Annual Meeting of Marine Technology HIMT (2007 – 2016)
  • Greek Exporters Shipping Forum (Ηephaestus/ΗΕΜEEXPO 2011 & Οpen Invitation Day 2013)
  • BV & Inspectorate (Posidonia 2012 & 2010)
  • Hellenic Chinese Business Forum (2010 & 2011)
  • Maxell Business Trade Conference (Μaxell 'Europe Division Award')

Description of our Projects:

  • Full Project Management.
  • Naming, branding, trademark – logo, artwork, banners and a wide range of conference and exhibition promo material.
  • Drawing and execution of the action plan; communication strategy, structure and texts, insertions, printing program, signage, press releases. Project administration of the pilot and actual program.
  • Μedia relations, advertising program, all media and special media appearances, e-media coverage, marketing research.
  • General constructing and drawing of the location; lighting, sound and power, stage and exhibitors installations. Backstages, stages, backdrops, info-desks, exhibition stands, grandstands, furniture, tents, showcases and structures.
  • Secretarial services, reception, database marketing management, follow up.
  • Audiovisual equipment and translations. Video and intro video productions. Internet, skype and live streaming connections, multimedia / video presentations. Interpretations & interpretation systems support.
  • Full media communication, database marketing, e-campaigns, e-banners. Special b2b and direct campaigns.
  • Catering services, tiered seatings, decoration. Video and photography. Digital documentation.
  • Financing, reporting, speakers/sponsors invitation. Sponsoring.

Support services in conferences, days, match making, meetings, events and workshops for:

Ministry of Environment, Energy and Climate Change (YPEKA), National Technical University of Athens (NTUA), University of the Aegean, Hellenic Chinese Chamber (HCC), China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Machinery and Electronic Products (CCCME), HIMT – Hellenic Institute of Marine Technology, and also HIMT/Hellenic Management Association-EDEE/Marine Technical Managers Association-ΜARTECMA, Εleourgiki, Inspectorate, Norsafe, Μaxell, Hellas Ski, etc.

Cooperation with companies, state organizations, the public sector, organizations and unions from Greece and abroad:

Embassy of the People's Republic of China in Athens, Norwegian Embassy in Athens, Ministry of Economy, Infrastructure, Marine and Tourism / Ministry of Economy, Competitiveness and Shipping (YPOIAN), Ministry of Maritime Affairs, Islands and Fisheries, Ministry of Regional Development and Competitiveness, Ministry of Shipping and Aegean, YEN/YNA, Ministry of Environment, Energy and Climate Change (YPEKA) / Federal Ministry for Environment, Nature Conservation, Building and Nuclear Safety - Germany, Ministry of Rural Development and Food (ΥPΑΑΤ), Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA), Office of State Minister, Ministry of Defence, NTUA, China Council for the Promotion of International Trade - CCPIT, China Tourism Academy, China Chamber of Commerceof Import and Export of Foodstuffs - CCFNA, China New Energy Chamber of Commerce - CNECC, China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Machinery and Electronic Products - CCCME, HIMT, Hellenic Chamber of Shipping (NEE), Piraeus Port Authority SA (OLP), Lavrion Port Authority SA (OLL), Hellenic Chinese Chamber, Union of Greek Shipowners (UGS), Greek Tourism Confederation (SETE), Hellenic Association of Photovoltaic Companies (HELAPCO), Greek National Tourism Organization (GNTO), Invest In Greece, Hellenic Foreign Trade Board (HEPO), National Bank οf Greece, China Development Bank, HUAWEI Technologies, ZTE Corporation, SINOMA, SKY SOLAR, Eurosol, TITAN, Eleourgiki, Phaedra, Atlantic Bulk Curriers, Apivita, Coco-mat, Amphitryon, Louis Cruises, (now Celestyal cruises) etc.

On national planning policy Frameworks:

The dna company has designed and implemented creative plans and proposals, promo actions, info materials and direct activities related to actions on national policies frameworks for the following clients: University of the Aegean/Research Unit, Ministry of Rural Development and Food (ΥPΑΑΤ), Ministry of Defence, Ministry of Labor and Social Solidarity(YPAKP), Ministry of Environment, Energy and Climate Change (YPEKA), Prefecture of Lesvos, Aluminium Association of Greece, and others.

Branding, creative proposals, productions and promotional activities for intermediary clients

(advertising account assignments from companies of our sector):

  • Finance and Insurance products (ΑΤΕbank, ΑΤΕCard, Αgrotiki Asfalistiki / AteInsurance)
  • Co-branding actions for SEKAP (BF Symbol, re-lunching Stoa Cooper, BF Club/Cooper/GR Contests)
  • Special infomercial campaigns for EU Programs /Axes (Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Interior)
  • Creative Strategies, texts and publicity actions for medical products (Levitra/Bayer, Vivida/Omron, Imedeen, etc).

Infomercial, promotional material, info-commercials, multimedia, video, posters, leaflets, etc for:

University of the Aegean/Research Unit, Ministry of Labor and Social Solidarity/European Social Fund/ Ministry of Interior – General Confederation of Small and Medium-sized businesses and craftsmen of Greece/Community Initiative ‘Employement’/Strand N.O.W. – Opportunities for Women, Ministry of Agricultural development and Foods (YPAAT), etc.

Sponsoring, Direct Marketing Services and corporate presentations for our clients in Asia Forum, Economist Conferences, Posidonia, Tour Operators Summit in Malta, etc.

We are very thankful to all co-workers, clients, sponsors and speakers for their trust and contribution to the above projects.




Naming services, strategy, creative material, texts, branding in product leaflets – insurance and finance Products of Atebank, (advertising assignment of intermediary subsidiary). Creative proposals, leaflets, texts and layouts of Atecard, Agrotiki Asfalistiki / Agrotiki Zois: Leaflets for ‘Εggyimeni Iperaxia Zois’, ‘Αssetlink Super Νosokomiako’, ‘ΑΤΕinsurance contract’ for ATEcard/OTE owners/employees, technical manuals (insurances, folders, Greek and English Annual reports).

COMMERZBANK/Wealth Management Office Luxemburg

Sponsoring support with ad-hoc insertions and exhibition stand. Production and in-conference distribution of a WMO bank' special services leaflet. Creative and layouts of the 2-page presentation of the premium banking services of Commerzbank International. Promotional support for the informational campaign of the head of PR Luxemburg, with direct mail invitations and info-desk in sponsoring conferences.



Advertising, product promotion in advertorials, newspapers and magazines. Corporate video, multimedia presentations, POP material in Greece and abroad.

Naming, branding, package labels for the new products series of Eleourgiki (BIOSPITIKO, 'Elia Spitiko' Green olives, 'EXTROLIO' and 'SPITIKO' for exports, Olive Oil Soaps, trademark 'Olivetrace' of the Olive-oil origin certification, etc.

Sales leaflets and promo materials for Eleourgiki merchandizing in China, Romania, Ukrane, Bulgaria, Georgia, Russia, Finland, England, S. Arabian Emirates, Canada/USA, Ιsrael, Japan, in their native languages. Advertising support, banners, signages, dvd demos, stands and installations in exhibitions showcases and promo stands in exports fora, Olive Festivals, meetings and other events.

Construction of Eleourgiki's website (strategy structure, texts, visuals, intro videos, content).


Branding, corporate identity and product catalogue.


Advertising of product series in food and bakery trade business magazines. Branding, trademarks - logos, labels, insertions, leaflets, flyers of the sales network. Launching of 11 new products and promotion of others.

Packaging, sampling packaging, leaflets and packaging labels of the following new brands in the Greek and exports markets: Caribe, Caramella, Bolero, Butterfly, Sunrise Baking Powder, FiorFiore Protochroniatiko, Apple & Apple, Toppings Pinguino, Nocciocrema, Μαquillage and Macarons.

Direct mail cards, printing materials and support in Direct MKT Campaigns.

Design of in-house e-forms printings. Creation and production of internal documents (invoices, receipts, form orders, certificates of attendance, etc). Design and promo contructions support. Exhibition banners and stands, visuals and storyboards, products signages, product and special occasion leaflets.


Consumer and industrial consumer advertising in magazines. Corporate identity and applications. Logo – trademark, Industrial proposals and final (exterior)design, branding, leaflet and advertising of Μaster Boilers, in radio and interior magazines. Consumer and commercial contests and leaflets. Product leaflets, promo materials, industrial photography, interior design photography, image processing and press releases.


Branding, packaging, advertising for the corporate brands: Μaxell, Vounatsas and Avec. Product insertions. Trade business summit, corporate persentation and gala (Maxell Europe Best Representative of Europe, SE Europe and Black Sea neighbor countries). Promotion with database marketing services, direct mkt campaigns. Advertising and promo leaflets for Avec Multimedia Cases . Banners, special designed promo in-store stands for Maxell and Avec products. Promo Campaign, market research, Maxell and Avec merchandizing in cooperation with Metropolis Music Stores. Avec presentation and product Catalogues. Creative strategy and design of Trademark – logo Vounatsas Multimedia (ΦΒ). Corporate identity and applications. Signages.


Branding, corporate identity, product catalogues.

3Delta – 3D

Branding, packaging, logotypes and labels of various new food products, marketing proposals, database marketing, direct mail campaigns. Design, production and printing of 2 product catalogues. Pack shots of products, photo image processing, layouts for e-brochures.



University of the Aegean

Advertising support in actions on the axes of the National Action Plan operational programs for Women’s training, directed by the EU General Secretariat for Gender Equality –GSGE / Ministry Interior, with advertising assignment. Informational Campaign, poster, leaflet, EU program units, ie. Pleiades - Νiirides for the activities for the isolated Islands’ women residents to encourage e-learning, self- employment and new technologies education through seminars and e-seminars.

National Technical University of Athens (NTUA)

45-years SNMM Anniversary Event. Organization support of the event, and global networking with advertising, promo material, audio visual infrastructure, program, banners, e-banners, posters, direct marketing info campaign, secretarial support, info desk, database marketing, consulting. Video coverage, live streaming, skype monitoring (10 connections) with speakers abroad and foreign Universities.


Makrigianni Schools

Βranding, brochure and leaflets texts , Radio Spots, direct marketing campaign, consulting.

Provata Schools

Βranding, brochure, research and residents database , direct mail campaign.


Slogan, scripts and copywriting for campaigns (t/v, radio, newspapers and mags insertions, leaflets).


Radio Spots Campaign. T/V, Radio scripts, media research & consulting, press releases, Promotional material texts for new depts. School Program.

Foreign Languages Koulouki

Βranding, outdoor, database marketing, direct mail campaign. Advertising, consulting, sales promotion. Media campaign, cultural events promotional activities. Press releases, radio announcements, info spots and posters, printing invitations.



Full media Advertising, texts and awarded direct marketing strategies. Branding, Data Base marketing, e-mail/sms/direct sales campaigns, radio sponsoring. Corporate, product, special occasions and special events campaigns. Promotional activities, contests in radio stations, magazines, newspapers, posters and flyers. Proposals and execution in b2b campaigns with Greek and international beverages companies (Bacardi, Chivas, Havana Club, Tsantalis, Jose Cuervo, etc), media groups, and movies companies (Frida, Madator, 2046, House of Flying Daggers).

Nikolas tis Schinoussas

Branding, corporate and product campaigns in newspapers, magazines, radio. Re-launching of Glyfada store. Press magazines and guides magazines advertisements. Scripts and radio spot productions, sales promotion (corporate leaflets of business lunches, b2b activities, database and direct marketing, events). Pr and publicity campaigns, 2-year communication strategy and media relations with a contribution in 3 prize awards ('Gourmet' Εleftherotypia newspaper magazine and Athinorama).

1002 Nyxtes

Full Μedia Campaign. Advertising of 1002 Nyxtes in newspapers, magazines and radio. Publicity and press releases, media Relations and sales promotion.
Advertising of the 1002 Nyxtes Music Stage in magazines and radio. Texts, photography and media strategy for the site construction and promo in media.



Creative, direct marketing and communication proposals. Leaflets texts, scripts for tv, radio, jingles and slogans. Competition and consumer attitude reports. Texts for promo activities on- sight sales response and telemarketing services audit. Ads, consulting, HR support. Promo campaigns, texts and promo coupons.


Communication strategy, advertising positioning, creative proposals, scripts, info texts and slogans for public-insertions and leaflets. Informational press releases for medical media. Creative textual approaches for life-style and testimonial advertorials.

Irene d' Argent

Naming, copylines, slogans, logo, trademark, branding, corporate identity, signage, in-house corporate and product material.

Theologos Optical Stores

Direct mail campaign, advertisements in magazines, business letters, direct mail kit, promo activities.

Centres of Phytobiodermie Elisabeth

Βranding, corporate identity, signages, info material. Infomercials tv scripts and video production. TV Informational corporate Spot. TV and magazine campaigns. Μarketing and consulting for the merchandizing and b2b promotion of Ayurveda series, i.e. Phytobiodermie products in beauticians spots, chains and commercial network.


Aluminium Association of Greece (A.A.G.)

Design and implementation of EU actions directed by A.A.G, member of BCME and EAA, for the non- profit Organization 'Every Can Counts' Greece. Co-Branding, 'Recycle Hero', tailored educational activities such as Labs, Foto shooting Stand, table and floor educational games concerning recycling of beer/beverage reclycling. Signage, banners, leaflets, showroom of constructions with recycling materials, gifts and other b2c activities, in 5 installations at 'The Mall Athens'.


VeriFuel Product Branding, leaflet, company profile and insertion, poster, banners. Stands and Sponsoring presentations in conferences.

Hellenic Institute of Marine Technology (HIMT)

Project management, commercial and advertising support in Conferences and Exhibitions. Stands, 8 annual publications (2007 - 2014), promotional activities, corporate material. Branding, advertising, sponsoring, website construction.


Branding Ηephaestus/ΗΕΜEΕΧPO, Hellenic Marine Equipment & Exporters Forum. Project and Sponsors' management, events' production, campaigns and advertising materials, supervising, magazine and program productions for the following export manufacturers' presentations: 'Hennelic Cables SA/Cablel - Elval - Sidenor -Fitco', Actech, Aluminox, C&A, Decon, Danaos, CMA, Iordanidis, EPE & ERMA FIRST, Farad, Katradis, Norsafe, Selma. Forum organization, in-house material, magazine, advertising, direct marketing campaigns 2011 and Open Day 2013. Open Invitation Day & Program Athens/Shanghai 2013.


Branding, corporate identity, folders, direct mail material, leaflets, direct advertising, POS material and brand banner signage for enterprises/Hatta members hotels.

Institute for the Study of the Greek Economy - ΙΜΕΟ

Sponsoring services and consulting in ASIA FORUM. Μultimedia presentations for sponsors' speakers, direct marketing. Promotion of in-house material and dna sponsors' info displays at the ASIA FORUM organization in Thessaloniki.


Prefecture of Lesvos

Production of a 60-page special publication; information reports and overview of the 3-year initiatives of the prefectures' administration. Description and assessment of the prefecture's (development, infrastructure, social) works. Creative proposals, copywriting, editing, lay-outs, posters, leaflets, charts and maps design, digital photo and graphic images processing. Production of a special magazine edition, info material for presentations and press.

Ministry of Agricultural development and Foods (YPAAT)

12 scripts for the infomercials of 12 ΕU sections – target markets for the employment of farmers and potential farmers, respectively. Direct communication with 8 administrative offices, representing the ministry’s intermediary ad company. Copywriting, promo material for informational campaigns, special direct actions. Strategy, texts, scripts, production editing and execution in tight deadlines.

Ministry of Defence

Design, layouts and content structure, communication strategy and texts for the multimedia presentation of the Olympic Games 2004 Safety, including a micro-site, in cooperation with 4 (3 administrative and head) offices, using ΗΟL infrastructure in common advertising assignment.

Ministry of Labor and Social Solidarity/ European Social Fund/ Ministry of Interior

Multimedia educational tools. Structure, copywriting, scripts, editing, texts for thematic presentations for the promotion of EU program axes of women’s education i.e. Dvd ‘Αgro-tourism in Prespes’, on the framework of the European program ARISTI for the support of woman’s entrepreneurship, and other actions of the Community Initiative ‘Employement’ / Strand N.O.W. – Opportunities for Women.

Ministry of Environment, Energy and Climate Change

Creative proposals, branding, advertising and realization of the project ‘Ecofestival 2014’ in Marina Flisvos. Labs, educational activities, multimedia and interactive recycling games, green seminars, cine- projection of environmental EU spots and and eco-movie. Script, Radio Spot production, Media Planning & Buying. * Sponsors’ support and promotion in the ‘Environment Day 2013’ activities in Athens Syntagma Square, organized by YPEKA and Municipality of Athens. * Project Management, infrastructure and internal support of the UNFCCC ad-hoc Summit in Bonn, with the participation of 25 parties delegations, at the United Nations ‘Climate Chance Conference’ ADP for the Greek Presidency 2014 actions, supervised by the Greek ministry’s dept. of communication and events, and its head.

Hellenic-Chinese Chamber

Name, logo, communication strategy and Βranding of the 'Hellenic Chinese Business Forum'.

Organization and Project management of the multi-conferences 'Hellenic Chinese Business Forum 2010' & 'Hellenic Chinese Business Forum 2011'. Launching, promotion, advertising, b-t-l and a-t-l campaigns. Direct marketing, advertising, pr and publicity actions.

HCC Forum Magazine issue. Concept, layout, copywriting, presentations, production, promotion, sending. Promo material, direct mail campaigns. E-campaigns in Greece and China.

B2B communication, program, cooperation with the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in Athens, the HCC, 5 Ministries, Greek and Chinese state companies and the public sector of China and Greece.

Advertorial material, infomercial campaigns of the 2 Hellenic Chinese Business Fora 2010 & 2011, promo activities for HCC members participation and motivation (Campaigns 2010-11).

Advertising, Consulting, Sponsoring, branding signage, strategy structure and implementation of the 2-days ‘Hellenic Chinese Business Forum’ 2010 actual program with the participation of international and Chinese companies, state representatives from both countries, bilateral joint-venture cases between Greece and China, with 30 speakers, in 10 sectors.

Assignment of the organization and the promotion of the ‘Hellenic Chinese Business Forum’ 2011 in Athens, including the preparation of all events and schedule of the forum, i.e. invitation campaigns, settings of business trade meetings between Chinese and Greek entrepreneurs, bilateral state and sectors presentations, Chinese companies presentations, GNTO presentation and promo actions and other events, with participation of the Economic and Commercial Counsellor’s Office and the Embassy of People’s Republic of China in Athens.

Action plan, coordination, cooperation with the Embassy of China, and final program of the Business Forum 2011, on behalf of 2 representatives of the Greek and Chinese public sector: the Chinese CCCME and the Greek HCC, with the participation of 5 Greek Ministries and other significant speakers (Ministers, General Secretaries, Deputy Ministers, State Organizations Presidents), Chinese and Greek company delegations and press attendance.

Organization chart, coordinating, handling, mapping and company/sectors signages of the business making - Partenariat (2011) with the presence of 186 Chinese companies – members of state unions, entrepreneurs and more than 400 Greek companies and traders from 11 sectors.


Book Publishers Association (S.ΕΚ.V.)

Radio and press campaign. Scripts, texts, layouts, sponsoring productions and promo activities for the announcement and promotion of the ‘Book Festival’ 11 - 22 September, in Zappeion.


Corporate advertising and products - special editions advertising. TV and radio campaigns. Re-Βranding, consulting, brand adversting (slogans, copylines, scripts). Corporate & Sales Kits, special occasions campaigns / Apogevmatini’s special editions. Banners, signage, pop events material. Βranding and visual proposals (covers) of special and thematic editions.

Panepistimiakon Publications

Branding, logotype, corporate identity, commercial letter and texts for the corporate and promotional material of the publishing catalogue.

Skolarikos Publications

Co-branding, texts. Corporate advertising, product advertising, artwork, layouts and advertising for clients of Skolarikos editions.

Roukas Publications

Creative proposals and covers, layouts, photo image processing. Product catalogues.

ΑVΜ Publications

Branding, advertising material production. Special editions of ΑVΜ Publications – Books. Art design, covers and content layouts for editions of English book series, general supervision, ddp and pre production editing proofs. Creation of leaflets, posters and publishing media advertising of the English Learning a/v productions of the publisher.




Presentations of the Danaos Μanagement Consulting – subsidiary company of the group, in cooperation with the company’s Business Development Dept., for the creation of the 2-page company profile, the subsidiary’s product services’ advertisement, banners, info stands and displays. Also, sponsoring and direct promo services in conferences.

Doulopoulos Shipyards

Branding, corporate identity, applications and signages. Newspaper and magazine campaigns, in Greek and international media. Advertising and corporate presentations in international conferences (economist, posidonia, asia forum, lloyd’s). Integrated communication, global direct marketing campaign, brochure, folder, services leaflet, direct mail campaign to ship owners/managers in Greece and abroad.

Entrust Maritime Co.

Branding, corporate identity applications, company profile.

Gο Shipping

Advertisement, pop stands, banners and Sponsoring in fora.


Branding, corporate identity, brochure, communication texts, folder. Promotion of Ιnspectorate Shipping Services & Inspections: Sales kit, promo material, advertising, design – construction of Posidonia Stand. Promotion of the Inspectorate Technical Meeting organization. Invitations, info material, leaflets, program, banners and corporate promotion in 3 events at Posidonia exhibitions. Sponsoring in shipping fora. Sponsoring advertisements and company profiles in special shipping editions.

Lotus Shipping

Company presentations Folder


Re-branding, corporate identity, applications. Concept and full-production of Corporate brochure. Draw and adaptation in advertorials, industrial and corporate photography, internal print-outs, e-mail, etc forms of e-communication.


Launch event of Norsafe Academy Lavrion. Project management and event program organization, speeches and final schedule programming with the participation of the Norwegian Νorsafe Group Delegation in full cooperation with the Norsafe Hellas top management.

Invitations, promo material, leaflets, program. Οne-to-one contacts, database direct marketing, direct mail and email/sms campaigns.

Info campaigns for Norsafe and Oll. Publicity campaign to public sectors representatives, media, shipping and business Community. Info – stands, promotion, e-insertions, e-banners, live streaming, a/v and Norsafe and Lavrion Prefecture videos projections, installations, live video free-fall demo, translators, banners, press releases, info-desks, and other equipments services.

In addition, Norsafe products leaflets for Norsafe Hellas.

Sponsoring presentations, leaflet, promo activities, pop material, and support with Norsafe stands and advertorials in shipping editions and conferences.


Co-branding, corporate identity and applications. Advertising, sales organizer, corporate brochure, corporate folder, business photography, leaflet, direct mail campaign, branding and consulting for Μultitalia, Multitruck & Logistics subsidiaries.


Company and product campaigns (newspapers, magazines). Corporate identity, packaging, corporate identity applications in promo gifts (agenda, key-holders, t-shirts, etc). Corporate / product video adaptations, corporate dossier, product leaflets (Shipping, Environment, Safety, Hydraulic Systems, Yachting) and corporate advertisements.

Re-Branding, naming and product brandings. Branding, project management and advertising support in corporate and sponsoring events. Promotional activities, leaflets, press releases, event flyers for the electrical-electronic waste recycling services. Handling of Phaedra Solid Waste Management* sponsoring events (recycling festivals for children) organized by Phaedra in cooperation with various Municipalities (of Athens, of Ag. Paraskevi, of Nikea – Renti, etc) under the auspices of the Ministry of Environment, Energy and Climate Change. Support for Phaedra's sponsoring of a multi-day Children's Film Festival, Europalso Exhibitions and in various 'Happy Time' events activities for children education in recycling issues.

* PHAEDRA Solid Waste Management is a collaborator of the Collective Alternative Management System WEEE Appliances Recycling SA. These programs were organized within the framework of actions on electrical-electronic waste recycling program in cooperation with the municipalities in Attica (Athens - Piraeus) and nationwide.

Direct marketing database, promo activities and e-advertisement of 'Children Recycling Festivals' sponsored by Phaedra.

Also, Sponsoring activites and promotion in shipping conferences.


Bianca Stores / Zucchi Bassetti

Advertising in magazines and newspapers, radio spots (script, production, media planning and buying). Branding, promotional activities, in-store promo. Scripts and visuals for video-wall spot productions, for the promotion of Bianca stores at their hosting malls. Consumer contests, re-branding, promotional graphics design and digital printing productions for the external facades of 2 bianca stores. Radio media plan program in many radio stations. Sponsoring and handling of b2b actions (Skai Radio, Melodia FM).


Launching GEOX Franchising Stores (Heraklion Crete, Piraeus). Advertising in magazines. Launching promo activites, store offers and advertorials for Piraeus/Athens – Crete Geox stores, in media of Athens and Crete.

Grouppo Plesti

Naming and branding, corporate identity, package design. Fashion product catalogues - Αccessories ‘Nino Venturi’ and Cache-col ‘Nino Venturi’. Direct mail material, direct advertising campaign, commercial letters.


Branding, corporate campaigns, labels for the company’s stores and the Babylon Bus brand. Advertising campaigns in newspapers and magazines, direct mail campaigns. Concept, texts, advertorials. Product brand image advertising, fashion photography, catalogues, press releases. Promotional loyalty campaigns, members' cards, special informational campaigns for buyers' membership and credit cards owners. Direct marketing research and direct mail campaigns to focused consumer groups, special promo activities. In-store materials and cartolines.

Jewel stores of Theologos Group

Advertising, joint-venture of Theologos optical stores and a jewel – watch store of the Theologos group, in Piraeus. Printed materials, direct marketing research, direct mail campaign, sales promotion.

Κosmos Floras Bookstores

Full media ad-campaigns for the Kosmos Bookstores and Kosmos Exhibitions (tv spots, radio spots, newspapers, magazines). Printed advertising, in-house magazine creation (Greek books catalogue), product services advertising (bookstores, telebookshop). Corporate campaigns in magazines and the press. Contests, consulting, press releases. Re-branding, branding of Kosmos services, Kosmos Book Club, Members' Club Card and Telebookstores. Tv & radio spots, Kosmos Exhibitions support.


Printed and digital presentation of the SkiClub Velouhi for speeches and promotional activities of Klaoudatos enterprises. Direct mail leaflet for tour operators. Ski Club Velouchi support and participation in the Greek delegation of tourist sector companies of the Municipality of Karpenissi – Prefecture of Sterea Hellas, in the Tour Operators Summit in Malta.

Advertising campaign in newspapers for Midas Hotels and Rοda Beach Hotel Corfu.

Leaflet, Multimedia presentation and map design (road maps) inside Ferries, sponsored by Serifos Naias Hotel.

Campaign, pop material, banners and insertions for the incentive Contest of HIMT, sponsored by Lοuis Cruises.

Promotional activites, visual mapping, brand identity, information campaign, publicity, press releases and flyers for the Korinthos Waterpark. Proposal and execution of a Joint venture cooperation with Hasbro. Promotion, advertising actions and pop material of the 'Αctionman' and 'Barbie' brands at the Waterpark. Promostands and Actionman giveaway invitations.

Branding, texts, leaflets and printing material for 30 hotels, commercial units, traders and dining businesses in Athens, Argos, Patmos, Santorini, Mykonos, Hersonissos Crete, and tourism-businesses all over Greece.

All brands examples and cases, available on request.



Naming, logotype – trade mark, corporate identity, applications, corporate folder, industrial photography, photo image processing, sales brochures, leaflets, signage, pos materials, stands signage, label and packaging.

Happy Time

Branding, advertising, naming, corporate identity applications. Support services in the organization of the brand' s events for children. Promotional activities and sponsoring management for: the 'Children Recycling Festival' of the municipality of Agia Paraskevi. The 'Environment Day' of the municipality of Athens sponsoring event at Syntagma Square, with the auspice of Ypeka. The 'Children Movies Festival' of the municipality of Nikea and Renti, in Katrakio Theatre, etc.


Naming, Branding, adversiting, website construction and contents, packaging, database marketing, corporate Identity applications.


Βranding and re-branding, advertising, insertions in food suppliers' magazines, leaflets. Logos trademarks, labels, brand image of: Caribe, Caramella, Bolero, Butterfly, Sunrise Baking Powder, FiorFiore Protochronatiko, Apple & Apple, Toppings Pinguino, Nocciocrema, Maquillage, Macarons, the greek version of Golden Line Dessert.

Metroland Real Estate

Naming, slogan, branding. Corporate and multimedia presentation, leaflets and in house material, corporate identity applications. Newspapers campaigns, strategy, structure and texts of the site. Corporate and product advertising in magazines and insertions in newspaper banners and footers.


Corporate texts, co-Branding of BF (ΒF CLUB and ΒF Symbol). Proposals, strategy and concept implementation of consumer contests and informational trade distributors net. Design and tailored promo material for the BF brand. BF Promo Campaigns. Draw of promotional activites of GR, COOPER PR & Promo, media relations campaigns and press releases, production of branded material.

Other clients Branding

Description of other clients' branding is available in the ‘Integrated Campaigns’ section.

Logotype design, slogans, copylines, leaftets, packaging, signage and ad hoc branding promotion for clients in many business sections i.e. EnOligis, Delirio, Βergamo, Anytime, Kanelli Hotel, Linea Gianni, Perentes, Kalogirou, Toyota Fotinos, T&T enterprises, Batiston, Apollon Book logistics, Petreleon, Elefsis, Elgeka project for N.Panigirakis, Brand Image, Christoforos imports, etc.

Local campaigns ie. direct mail info campaign focusing on the residents of Nafplion; invitation kit with a presentation of the Epiloges Jewellery Shop and special offers.

Texts, advertising in magazines and leaflets for products and services ie.Omron, Ιnterstar, Peugeot Safari, etc. Texts, titles and slogans, magazine advertisements of Biolife. Texts, titles and slogans for the advertisements, advertorials and leaflets of Vivida and Imedeen.



Radio Sponsoring


Radio spots, script copywriting, and production supervision of the radio sponsoring program 'Invitation for Lunch' (600 radio Transmissions). Sponsors: ERT / Altamira.

Movie Sponsoring

B2B Film Promos

Β2B, a-t-l and b-t-l actions, marketing proposals and joint-ventures promo activities for the following Movies: House of Flying Daggers (Odeon), Madator (Feelgood), Village Roadshow(Frida), Prooptiki (2046). Sponsors: Altamira / Odeon, Feelgood, Village Roadshow and Prooptiki.

Conferences Sponsoring

HIMT Conferences

Multi-year conference and exhibition management sponsoring of the ‘Αnnual Meeting of Marine Technology HIMT’ (2007 – 2014). Company presentations with assignment of Greek, international and multi-national companies, including: ABS, BV, Inspectorate, Commerzbank, Danaos, National Bank of Greece, DNV-GL, Alfa Laval, Technava, Marita Hellas, Roll-Royce Marine Hellas, Wartsila, LR, NK, Oceanking, Rina, Phaedra, Norsafe, Νew Υork College - NYC, Porsche, Dan Marine, Kongsberg, etc.
Sector Organizer : H.I.M.T. Hellenic Institute of Marine Technology

HCC Conferences

Full management of sponsoring services in the ‘Ηellenic Chinese Business Forum’ (2010 & 2011), and company presentations of Greek, multi-national and Chinese companies – sponsors i.e. Eleourgiki, Sky Solar, Eurosol, Xanthis, Vitex, Inspectorate Hellas, NBG, Go Shipping, DMRI – SpiritWorld Group, Domaine Evharis, Naxos Marble, Sinoma, CCCME, etc delegations, in direct cooperation with the Embassy of China in Athens.
Sector Organizers: HCC(2010) / HCC and CCCME (2011).


Ηephaestus / ΗΕΜΕEXPO, Hellenic Marine Equipment & Exporters Forum (2011) management sponsoring and corporate presentations for 17 Greek constructors : ‘Hellenic Cables SA/Cablel - Elval - Sidenor - Fitco’, Actech, Aluminox, C&A Κassidiaris, Decon, Danaos, CMA, D.Iordanidis, EPE & ERMA FIRST, Farad, Katradis, Norsafe, Selma.

Organization of the Open Ιnvitation Day, in ad hoc assignment of the 1ST part of Forum actions 2013.

Introduction – preliminary presentation for the Athens / Shanghai 2013 program of the Ηephaestus / ΗΕΜΕΧPO, Hellenic Marine Equipment & Exporters Forum 2013, at VIPAS with prearranged HIMT sponsors: EPE – Erma First, DNV, ABS, George Moundreas & Co. and LR.
Sectors Organizers: HIMT and co-organizers: ΕΕDΕ / ΜARTECMA

Conference Advertising

All conferences and events are advertised in the media sponsors' media (shipping and economy issues), with articles, banners and advertisements in newspapers, magazines, press releases, special annual editions and sites.

The conferences and events are also promoted with a wide publicity and advertising program, insertions in specialized media, e-banners and websites, for several months.

Sponsors' names are included in the special, direct and digital campaigns. Their logos are shown in the events' advertisements which appear in mass media and in the media sponsors' media, i.e. in Kathimerini, Naftemporiki and other media sponsors, on their websites, in shipping and financial media, according to each event's subject.

We thank our clients, sponsors, media sponsors, pressmen and co-workers for the multi-year cooperation and their trust.


Designs, texts, layouts, production and printing for in-house special editions of our clients for sectors, unions, organizations and institutes, banks, companies and publishers.

Productions of special editions for the following clients: Hellenic-Chinese Chamber, Eleourgiki, HIMT, HIMT/EEDE/MARTECMA, Pegasus/Lazel, Publications Porfyra, etc.

Strategy, texts and creative media for insert magazines in publishers' editions (publi-magazines).

Advertising promotion of insert magazines in media (mags, newspapers, special mags), e-banners, direct campaigns. Distribution in central offices; embassies, counsellors’ offices, conferences, meetings, clients events, chambers’ administrative members and members, clients’ business network.

Useful as sales organizers in business delegations and clients visits - presentations in Greece and abroad.

Some examples of special editions:

  1. HELLENIC-CHINESE BUSINESS FORUΜ Magazine (English edition)
    Implemented dna activities for the additional promotion of the special HCC issue: Direct mail campaign to HCC members all over Greece and deliverance to Attica members by courier services. Signage HCC and promotional activities in conferences, HCC infodesk and magazine distribution in Business Fora.
  2. ΕLEOURGIKI Special Editions. Texts, editorial, supervision of the production.
  3. HEALTH & WELLNESS Special Edition – insert publication of 'Υgia and Evexia', the 'Health and Wellness' Magazine (greek edition).
    • The 32pages pocket-size issue of the 'Ygia and Evexia' magazine was published under the title 'Health and Wellness with Extra Virgin Olive oil' and distributed in magazine and sales kiosks. It was also distributed through media stands of the magazine’s media channels i.e. health and nutrition shops, green stores chains, as well as through promo stands in health food section stores.
    • Strategy, texts, creative media editorial, photos, pack-shots, visual composition layouts, advertorials with corporate and product advertising material of the issue sponsored by Eleourgiki.
    • Editorial on the history of the Greek olive oil and extra virgin olive oil, including corporate presentation, products, chefs’ proposals, sponsors' advertisements and top tips on mediterranean diet.
      Dna supervision of photo image processing and layouts of the edition (in cooperation with the publisher’s creative media dept. for its procuction).
    • Additional informational promo activities and selective magazine distribution to consumers and traders at festivals of the olive oil sector and other events.
  4. HEPHAESTUS / HEMEEXPO Ηellenic Marine Equipment & Exporters Forum Magazine (english edition)
    Structure, program and editorial presentations of 17 Greek Exporters under the auspices of: HIMT / ΕΕDΕ /ΜΑRTECMA / Hellenic Engineers Society οf Great Britain. Distribution to members of the sector in conferences and events.
  5. ANNUAL BOOKS OF MARINE TECHNOLOGY (8 ANNUAL BOOKS, 2007 - 2014)(English-Greek edition).
  6. Pegasus Publications / Medical Issue Erroso

    (The meanin of ‘Έρρωσω’ in ancient Greek is ‘to be well’)

    • Medical Magazine edition of ‘Eρρωσω’, (‘Erroso’), a Lazel media vehicle production.
    • Creation, editorial and proposals for Erroso's pilot issue. Creative production, pre-production and launching of the 1st issue.
    • Branding, strategy, creative, structure, editorial and supervising of texts and interviews, layouts, layout, word proofing, pre-production. Publication rights and brandname Erroso of Lazel. Creative proposals and Mock Ups for the Έρρωσω’ insert issue in Pegasus publications/Armonia Magazine.
    • Erroso 1st Issue distribution in: ‘ΑRΜΟΝΙΑ’ magazine and Sunday newspaper ‘ETHNOS’.