Our Advertising Values

The dna communication works efficiently to deliver and project fully leveraged brand values, elevating genuine and appropriable ‘value-for-money’, ‘value-for-buying’ equities of the sellers’ advertising products / services.

Ηaving acknowledged the importance of the latest trends in enhancement of emotional social intelligence consumer / buyer response, dna aligns conventional and exchange-value policies in its campaigns (interactive, win-to-win), to reinforce market penetration, leverage consumer perception and attitude, fame and partners, image, public opinion acceptance, positive thinking in controversial issues, corporate crisis or brand values cases.

  • Emphasis on and execution of activities with material or non-material buyers’ reward. Promo Gifts, offers, discount coupons, etc giveaways. * Promotional activities with free access to the public in social, corporate, educational, sportive, cultural and entertainment events, gaining brand association or co-branding in all media channels of distribution, retail penetration, social networking, etc.
  • Concerning the framework of CSR campaigns, dna designs inspired special activities or/and integrated communication plans including goodwill campaigns, i.e. green policies for beneficiary sectors and organizations (environmental, recycling, funding institutes, foundations).
  • Informational Campaigns focused on audience participation, free invitation in corporate and sponsoring events, workshops, conferences, contests, grant applications, funding invitations announcements * Strictly private funding and EU - national grant campaigns for Foundations, Museums, non-profit Organizations, educational Institutes, Universities, etc.

The dna company fosters compliance with the code of ethics for professional communication between clients, buyers, suppliers, media, partners. It perfectly collaborates, produces and delivers its services with morality, consistency, honesty and respect to the customers, public audience, opinion leaders and internal / external stakeholders.

Our Clients Benefits

Combining its long experience with the holistic marketing approach in traditional and new markets, dna fully creates high-loyalty ‘ad-products’ enhancing inner value (brand equity) and high-level awareness of clients’ products and services.

We are a member of the global sales network of the world’s leading independent media specialists, a market-leader in digital and non-traditional media solutions, established as the world's first and biggest independent media shop in Greece.

The dna company cooperates with the world’s leading media planning and buying specialists and marketing consultants to achieve

  • Τhe best exploitation of online and offline media campaigns' investment
  • Τhe maximum tangible and intangible brand assets, attributable to the clients' earnings

Through its network of global advertising, media and digital media services, dna can create full communication of negotiable plans and worldwide media programs, offering sponsoring, business opportunities and international earnings for its clients. We can also draw special campaigns with product placement, tailored infomercial spots, contests and media programs in global media, as well as in the Greek satellite channels network, focused on elevating Greek exports promotion in European, Asian and national/regional American markets, and markets related to Greek diaspora (Greek Omogenia) and its descendants around the world.