About Us


Our company is specialized in the creative strategy differentiation in corporate communication, top-quality launching and brand establishment, in all markets.

The key elements of our strategy are:

  • Full management process in individualized plans of communication, marketing, corporate image, launch, re-branding, start-up, customer service, retailing and wholesaling
  • Selected integrated-marketing creative solutions based on tangible communication audit - market and consumer analysis (marketing, brain imaging, corporation/company market value, brand valuation), traditional and interactive media, high quality multi-task creativity
  • Reliable non-stop client service meeting the demands of all kind of large, medium or small-sized clients, including stakeholders, investors and shareholders.

DNA Info


Since 1991, we constantly strive to deliver a wide range of integrated creative and value for money communication solutions (Integrated Creative Marketing & Communication Management).

Creative ideas and campaigns with high return (Return On Idea– ROI). Naming, copywriting (titles, slogans, spots, scripts, copy-lines, all-media content and articles, etc), trademarks, logos, corporate identity, brands design, advertising, packaging. Sales kits, brochures, pop material, e-campaigns. Sales promotion plans, ad hoc activities, full media campaigns, 'case studies' projects with tangible brand value results contributable to business assets.

For more than 20 years, dna has been developing strong and compelling communication planning, marketing, public relations, briefing (stakeholders, media relations) and advertising for all types of clients. Open days and meetings, exhibitional presentations, festivals and conferences (full management of Events & Conferences) for unions, chambers, banks, insurance and finance services, media and publishers, the public sector (ministries, organizations, institutes), groups of companies, Greek and multinational corporations.

Our company fully meets clients' requirements in project management with a high-level of professionalism. We successfully handle demanding projects and global communication plans for Greek and international organizations, Greek and multi-national companies, unions, ministries and other public and private sector companies.

Cost-effective, multi-level and long-term client handling in many Greek and international accounts: full media, offline/online media, tv/radio/multimedia campaigns, branding, promotion, business/academic meetings, contests, sponsoring, event-management, exhibition displays, in-store/exhibitors design, workshops, sales presentations, seminars, business matchmaking, workshops.

Strategic design framework and consulting management to create on budget campaigns in any kind of local, national and international communication plans. Efficient coherence of corporate and communication tasks, consuming trends and brand values, media relations campaigns and internal/external - digital communications audit, interactive media and digital solutions - applications (sms/email/mail campaigns, networking, web ads, phone response), stakeholders engagement, social and corporate responsibility tactics. We are long experienced in good will, funding and green practices ad policies for Greek and multi-national corporations, organizations, unions, and companies.


The company invests in highly specialized working groups (jamming), know-how, advanced technologies, co-working institutes, sectors, researchers and global media specialists with an enormous business networking infrastructure in 70 countries.

We design and develop communication, media and creative strategies in a perceptive, original and direct way. We support and fulfill demanding campaigns of every kind, sharing our vast experience in corporate, commercial, political and mass media communication.

We draw up telemarketing, direct/promo, interactive and ad hoc actions, marketing research tests with advanced questionnaires, banners and contests.

The dna company utilizes new platforms in applying mainstream and digital hooks or verbal and oral communication as research and psychographic commercial tools.

We are in a position to survey and measure digital response, brain-metrics inspired by neuro-marketing methods, macro/micro analysis and specific metrics components in every section, designed under customer order.

We provide our clients with periodical/per sector media research, ad-market briefings, latest quantitative and qualitative measurements of advertising expenditure, life style metrics, social media penetration, on the spot recording of consumer behavior.

The dna working groups deal successfully with clients' urgent campaigns and crisis management situations, keeping up with tight deadlines. Our executives' management, creative, media, public / costumers relations and online media consulting are specialized, highly educated(1), awarded in ad-festivals and also in marketing contests. Our designers are distinguished in communication and visual arts projects, participated in local and international ArtWorks Exhibitions.

(1) Engineering studies in the University of Rome, Design and Visual Communication studies in the European Institute of Design in Milano, Business Administration with Marketing specialization from State Universities, University of Piraeus -UNIPI, EU diplomas in Communication and Advertising, Exports Marketing post-graduate studies, certified by State Organizations (EEDE - Hellenic Management Association, EDEE - Hellenic Association of Communications Agencies and HEPO – Hellenic Exports Organization). Comminication Management Studies in State School of Athens. Specific seminars, workshops and studies in marketing, business administration, advanced IT Studies.

We maintain a long-term strategic partnership with an independent global media supplier in on/off line media services, bari focus, consumer/brands surveys and marketing research services, and also cooperate with unions, universities, institutes, institutions, well known consulting agencies, to provide with reliability, validity and responsiblility, the following services:

  • Procedure analysis in Target Markets - Critical decision-making in Launchings
  • Market Research - Focus Groups & Reviews - Questionnaires
  • Digital Tools Evaluation - Sales Statistics - Sectors Reports
  • Μedia Planning & Buying - Advertising Expenditures per product/media/sector
  • Database Special Research - Geomarketing Analysis / Perceptions Maps


Dna offers a wide range of offline/online advertising services and marketing activations to promote dynamic integrated solutions, create loyalty and build mutual trust among products, companies, consumers, media, buyers/stakeholders, using best practices and interactive marketing procedures.

Market Research and Development ⇔ Μarketing ⇔ Communication ⇔ Public Relations ⇔ Publicity ⇔ Brand Image ⇔ Corporate Culture.

Fully vertical production unit of Creative Strategy Services with problem-solving Creative Marketing Solutions

  • Sales techniques, copy-strategies and visual approaches based on creative platforms’ thinking methods such as creative analysis, lateral thinking, po-thinking, etc.
  • Traditional and digital tools of buyers’ relationship performance aimed at immediate offline media and online media response
  • Many years of experience in projects and case-study plans in more than 30 market segments.

Corporate b2b relationships and consulting management services in

  • Exports Development
  • Market Research per product/sector
  • Participation and presentation in exhibitions, events, seminars, conferences, meetings
  • b2b and b2c matching and business trade delegations in Greece and abroad
  • Governmental and academic delegations
  • Potential exports Mapping
  • Clients' External Μarketing
  • Promotional E-Campaigns

Design of communication and advertising plans. Execution of EU operational programs and actions on the basis of national strategic reference frameworks, in cooperation with sectors, institutes, organizations, ministries, social, economical and environmental partners.

  • Ad hoc ad activities, events, promotion and implementation of various pr and corporate activities for enterprises, ministries, unions, organizations, joint-ventures, consultants agencies, and other beneficiaries of national, transnational, interregional, bilateral and multi-lateral european actions and programs.

Presentation of action plan proposals for beneficiaries in development Programs, complied with EU Strategy 2020 funding and EU Cohesion Policy, on behalf of beneficiary stakeholders (companies, investment funds, organizations) in operational programs such as NSFR 2014-2020, MFF 2014-2020, etc frameworks in the following sectors/areas: Agriculture - Rural Development, Fishery, Employment and Labour, Urban Development, Industry and Manufacturing, Public Administration, Education and Training, Energy, Reasearch, Technology and Innovation, Gender Equality, Social Integration and Social Services, Transport, Environment, Information Technology and Telecommunications, Culture, Tourism, Health and Welfare, Services and Trade.

Integrated proposal presentations of process strategies, planning and evaluation for beneficiaries (feasibility study, sustainable study) by experienced business consultants in cohesion among stakeholders’ groups – clients, operators, co-partners.

Relationship marketing, hr, pr and corporate responsibility campaigns, activities and programs to promote networking, partnerships and memberships, fund raising, volunteering, business reputation. Focused on public opinion matters and global issues (social integration, economy, environment, culture, human rights, labour), such campaigns upgrade the social-economic profile, the coherence and the corporate image of : sectors, banks, universities, chambers, unions, publishers, corporations and profit/non-profit organizations, ministries, institutes, companies, exporters, foundations.

Support in networking of corporate and internal matters communication, with enterprise-wide activities, aimed at strategic cross-sector alliances with government agencies, public sectors, companies, unions, partners in Greece and abroad. Business connecting with clusters, companies unions and liaisons with common interests to institutional targets, under the scopes of boosting economy by encouraging extroversion, certified exports business, sustainable finance and banking.

Our Dynamic Moto


The company advocates the ‘Dynamic New Advertising’ bottom up strategy.

It is specialized in the brand brain establishment, by building or re-branding. Needs mapping, data analysis, deconstruction and brand-new identity are the creative stages of dna’s strategic thinking.

It combines best and social practices with targeted out-of-the-box advertising ideas and suitable communication vehicles, to achieve a competitive-and-efficient services marketing mix menu:

  • Holistic Approach with a max ROMO return (Return on Marketing Objective)
  • Fully individualized handling per brand/client (Brand Relationship Quality -BRQ)
  • High-quality tailored Creativity with ideal ROI (Return On Idea)
  • Codification of brand-new values and brand rebirth (Νew Brand Equity ⇒ Brand DNA)

Goals and Strategy

Our main strategic concern in all applied solutions - plans of creative, advertising and consulting dna services, is revenue-maximizing under positive externalities and the internal efficiency of each campaign and every action’s effectiveness, beyond client targets and expectations.

  • Investment in low-budget Ideas with high-impact Creative Platforms (Big Ideas)
  • Implementation of advertising tools - vehicles with large ROI (Return-On-Investment)
  • Specific, premium and correct spread of the Information
  • Efficient Communication Planning with ROMI (Return On Marketing Investment)
  • Attractive pulling/pushing communication practices, on the basis of Corporate Social Responsibility and the code of Ethics.